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Sometimes it's not just a training issue

Published on: 2010-09-06

When I'm talking with end users about software, they very often think of software quirks as training issues. It's quick to fix individual training issues, but like most quick fixes, the underlying problems keep coming back. 

To see why this is the case, imagine a scenario in which one of your co-workers comes to you with an issue with the software they can't figure out. If you then went to the developer to understand the problem and found out that there was just a setting somewhere to get around the issue, you could pretty easily just forward on that quick fix to the person having the problem. In fact, many people in technology would recommend you do just that. But then you have to explain the fix again when someone else has the same issue. And again when you get a new employee. And again when the first person forgot. That approach is frustrating for you and for the user.

In most cases, what I recommend instead is changing the system so the problem is more intuitive for the users to fix themselves. Yes, it's a bit more effort on my part and a bit more expensive on yours, but the savings in training costs and saving frustration on your end is almost always worth it.

This article was originally posted here and may have been edited for clarity.